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Welcome to Bonita Medical Aesthetics’ patient information page. Here you will find information related to the things you should avoid before treatments and after treatments as well as medical contraindications for each treatment. Additionally, you will find consent forms for all treatments offered, please review the consent forms prior to your appointment.

Pre and Post Botox/Dysport Treatment:

Before Botox/Dysport Treatment:

  • Avoid taking aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil®, Motrin®, Nuprin®, Aleve®, Celebrex®, Fish oil, Ginko Biloba, St. John’s Wort and high doses of vitamin E for 5-7 days prior to procedure, as these may cause increase risk of bleeding and bruising at the treated site(s).
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior to procedure as this can increase the risk for bleeding and bruising at the treated site(s).
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, or the use of hair removal creams in the area(s) to be treated at least 24 hours before treatment.


You would not be considered a candidate for Botox® or Dysport if you have any of the following:

  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Allergy to Botulinum Toxin
  • Neuromuscular disorder
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Allergy to human albumin
  • Anaphylactic allergy to dairy products (Dysport)
  • Anaphylactic allergy to eggs (Botox)

After Botox/Dysport Treatment

  • You may apply makeup immediately following your treatment.
  • Avoid facials, microderm abrasion, or facial massage for 10-14 days after treatment
  • Try to use the injected muscles for the first 1-2 hours after treatment: practice frowning, raising your eyebrows and squinting. This helps work Botox® into your muscles.
  • Do not touch or rub injected site for 2-4 hours following treatment. Avoid exercise and sweating for the remainder of the day and no lying down or leaning forward for 3-4 hours after treatment.
  • There can be a slight chance of bruising at the treated site, this is temporary. Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours of treatment.
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, Advil or Motrin, Tylenol is acceptable to take if experiencing discomfort (if not contraindicated)


The results of your treatment can take up to 14 days to take full effect. Usually patients notice a change in 3-5 days with Dysport and 4-5 days with Botox. It takes time for the muscles to relax and the lines on the face to fade after treatment. Please wait until 14 days have passed before assessing if you are pleased with the results

Dermal Fillers Pre/Post Treatment Instructions

Before Treatment

  • Avoid taking aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil®, Motrin®, Nuprin®, Aleve®, Celebrex®, Fish oil, Gingko Biloba , St. John’s Wort and high doses of vitamin E for at least 7 days before your appointment, unless medically necessary.
  • If you are taking prescription blood thinners such as Coumadin or Plavix, you should check with the prescribing doctor to see if you are able to stop these medicines for 7-10 days before your appointment and at least 2 days after the procedure has been done.
  • If you have any history of Herpes Simplex (cold sores) on your face, typically an anti-viral medication will be prescribed for after the treatment to prevent an outbreak, ensure this medical history is shared with your Nurse Practitioner.
  • Ideally arrive to your appointment with a clean face. This means NO MAKEUP or MOISTURIZER

After Treatment

  • The majority of reactions to dermal fillers are redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness after the injections. These usually subside a few days after the treatment, but can last up to a week. If any of these symptoms persist longer than a week, or if you develop other symptoms, please contact our office.
  • Cold compresses may be used after the treatment to reduce swelling and decrease soreness. You may take Tylenol (if not contraindicated) every 4-6 hours after the treatment to help with any discomfort you may have.
  • Make-up may be applied a few hours after the treatment, if no complications are present, such as open wounds, bleeding or infection.
  • Patients should avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours to prevent moving the filler or increasing blood flow to the face.
  • Avoid taking aspirin (unless medically necessary) or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Advil®, Motrin®, Nuprin®, Aleve®, Celebrex®, Fish oil, Gingko Biloba , St. John’s Wort and high doses of vitamin E for 5 days after the treatment, as these may cause an increased risk of bleeding or bruising at the injection sites.
  • Remember your sunscreen daily.
    With under-eye/tear trough Skin Booster treatment ice the under eyes for 15 minutes at least 2-3 times per day for the first 48-72 hours after treatment. Also sleep with an extra pillow the first two nights after treatment to help minimize swelling.

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Anslea Vokes
Anslea Vokes
19:37 05 Dec 20
I've been seeing Jess for nearly a year now and cannot speak highly enough of her! She treats me both medically (TMJ... pain) and cosmetically and I have complete trust in her for both. She's so considerate of her patients and is always thinking of them when considering new treatments to offer!read more
Paula Pequegnat
Paula Pequegnat
12:07 06 Sep 20
I went in to see Jessica with the intention of having under eye filler and marionette line filler. Jessica used her... professional judgement and did a cheek lift which corrected all of the above for less money and less injections. I love the result. Her studio is clean, she presents all options, and is very more
Sekond Skin Society
Sekond Skin Society
19:19 24 Aug 20
Jess is a true professional and provides top quality service! Her education and experience is evident and her customer... service is amazing! On top of being extremely happy with the quality of service I received, Jess is just a beautiful human - kind and caring. If you're looking for the best in facial care, go see Jess!!read more
Patricia Arruda
Patricia Arruda
23:45 20 Aug 20
Jessica is amazing!! She’s so sweet and professional! Also, my botox looks amazing! So happy. I highly recommend her!!
Karon Karon
Karon Karon
22:51 17 Aug 20
Jess is incredible. Not only at what she does but how she does it. I have had injectables and fillers with other... practitioners but not one showed the care, compassion and knowledge that Jess has shown me. She is exceptionally professional and yet still warm and easy to talk to, whether it’s consulting with me on the procedure at hand or just some old fashioned girl talk. Thank you Jess. You’ve got a patient for life!read more
Bonne Media
Bonne Media
13:31 10 Feb 20
Jess is AMAZING at what she does. She takes professionalism to the next level and CARES throughout the process ensuring... that you are happy and received the best results! Jess also knows the difference between too much and not enough and hits the sweet spot!read more
19:19 04 Feb 20
I was so nervous before my first visit, but Jessica swept away all of my worries as soon as I stepped in the door. She... assured me that her approach is to enhance natural beauty, and her knowledge and professionalism made me feel completely at ease. She reached out to me after my appointment to see how I was feeling, which was such an extra special gesture. She is truly compassionate and caring - I can’t wait for my next visit!read more
Ivana Lepan
Ivana Lepan
13:06 13 Dec 19
Jessica is seriously amazing!!!! She’s very knowledgeable, super friendly and really does a great job. I found out... about Jessica through a friend who recommended her after I had a horrible and overpriced experience with a well known medical aesthetic clinic and wish I had known about her more
Carolina Soares
Carolina Soares
00:28 09 Nov 19
Jess is absolutely spectacular. She’s a great listener and has a gift for asking you the right questions, leading you... to the desired outcome of what you’re looking for. She’s a super gifted nurse who has a great eye and gives you the exact look you’re hoping to achieve. What I also love about her is that she somehow manages to keep you looking absolutely natural! She really has a gift for enhancing your natural features and achieving what you want, without making you look like you had anything done. I’ve been going to her now for 2+ years. I’m a regular customer and I fully trust her! She’s also super honest and will tell you about the procedure fully before you get it done so that you can be informed of everything: possible consequence, recovery, what to expect, etc. She’s really super amazing and I highly recommend her!!!read more
Rida Lima
Rida Lima
17:45 28 Oct 19
Absolutely love Jessica. She's sweet, very professional and was able to achieve exactly what I was looking for. I'm... absolutely thrilled with the results and Jessica will definitely be my new go to girl. 💋read more
Ema Suvajac
Ema Suvajac
03:00 25 Oct 19
Jess was recommended to me by a few friends who go to her and WOW I wish I had gone sooner! Firstly, she as a person is... incredibly kind, compassionate, caring, and just lovely overall! She is a skilled nurse and explained how everything would work, and what to expect, thoroughly. She was gentle with administering the Dysport to my forehead/in between brow area (didn't hurt AT ALL!). The effects have taken hold and I am SO happy with the outcome. I will definitely be a regular with her 🙂 Thank you Jess!! EDIT: I've now also had lip/cheek filler by Jess and I AM IN LOVE!!!!! Thank you so much for helping me look like my best self. Love love love!read more
Tara Shantz
Tara Shantz
22:35 21 Oct 19
Jessica is medically trained and highly skilled. No regrets! Beautiful skin treatments at a competitive price. Jessica... explains each treatment in detail....You feel comfortable enough to trust her with your face! Shaved years off my look! Thanks Jessica. You are the Best!read more
California Rhindress
California Rhindress
17:37 09 Aug 19
By far the best quality service I’ve received- and for the best price, too. Jessica is not only fun and... down-to-earth, but also extremely professional and walked me through the whole process. This was very important for someone like me, who is VERY nervous about needles of any kind. That being said, she is also very patient! I had very minimal bruising and she was able to achieve the natural look that I wanted. I get endless compliments. Very very highly more
Lidia Jach
Lidia Jach
00:09 08 Aug 19
Jessica is amazing! I had a wonderful experience with her. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered all... my questions and concerns. I highly recommend her!read more
Jennifer Armitage
Jennifer Armitage
01:25 07 Aug 19
Jessica is simply amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and the ultimate professional. Jessica listened to my... concerns, made recommendations and I am so happy with my results. When it’s your face you NEED the best and Jessica IS the more
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